Re-modeling 3.0 – Part 7

Rather than planning out every detail of my dioramas, I’ve found that they “evolve” into their final appearance. Case in point the sentry box I decided to add to the current project, late in its construction.

I do not know how common it was for the Wehrmacht to construct sentry boxes in Occupied Europe. They do seem to crop up in urban settings more than other venues, although the one in the photo above – the only example I could find – appears to have been sited in a  more rural place.

When the idea of adding a sentry box to the diorama first occurred to me, I figured I’d have to build one from scratch. It pleased me when I found an inexpensive kit online. Made from thin cardboard, it looked like an easy mini-job.

Consisting of nine die-cut pieces, the kit’s walls were scored deeply enough that, if I used a thin brush (accompanied by a lot of squinting) it would be simple to adorn the box in the German national colors.

Assembling the box was a snap, as all that was required was a judicious application of white glue.


Given that I hadn’t built the diorama’s base with the inclusion of a sentry box in mind, the place where I am putting it may look somewhat crowded. However, I believe this little item will make the final scene more realistic.

Stay tuned, as my current project heads for the finish line!

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