Re-modeling 3.0 – Part 6

Faithful readers know that work on the Citroen 11CV that’s my third diorama’s centerpiece was completed some time ago. This post covers how I’ve wrapped up the next “big piece,” the diorama’s base. Doing so meant creating the ticket office and entryway of this Parisian Deutsches Soldatenkino (“German Soldier’s Cinema”).

First up was the ticket office, which I constructed of the same light cardboard utilized for the building itself. I cut out a window for the ticket seller, scored the cardboard and folded back the side and top extensions.

The bracing you see made the ticket box retain its shape, once I’d glued it in place. A piece of material from the copious scrap box (suitably dirtied by being rubbed with graphite) served as window glass.

Next on the docket? Doors through which patrons would enter and depart from the building. The addition of cardboard door hinges and handles, plus windows, add to the illusion of actual doorways.

Poster boxes are displayed to either side of the entrance. The one to the left is for an actual 1944 German production, which was in circulation at the time of Paris’s liberation. The right hand box publicizes a weekly newsreel that propagandized the war effort, from ’39 to ’45.

This perspective shot illustrates how I’m preparing for the final scene, once I have assembled and painted the diorama’s figures, putting them and the automobile in their places.

Stay tuned as I turn my attention to these elements of the diorama, won’t you? As always I would be delighted to hear your opinions regarding how the project is progressing. Thanks!

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