Re-modeling 3.0 – Part 4

At last work on the Citroen 11CV that’s to be the focus of my third diorama is done. You’ll notice that the automobile’s roof sports an almost finished Tricolor. It was common for Resistance fighters to paint the national flag on the roofs of captured German vehicles, in hopes that their comrades would refrain from firing on them. (In time the reason why the Tricolor is incomplete will become apparent.)

Here’s a view from the opposite side. Note that both doors are open; the model came with driver and front passenger doors that could be displayed open or closed. I also chose to cut away the driver’s side rear door (a laborious task), in order to further customize the vehicle for the diorama’s scene.

Finally, this view shows markings that Resistance fighters typically applied to their vehicles. On this picture you can see how I have dirtied up the windows and windscreen. To achieve this effect, I lightly sanded the “glass,” after which I applied a wash of powdered acrylic, simulating dust.

On the rear door is seen the “V for Victory” symbol, surmounted by the Cross of Lorraine, a French royal – and subsequently national – symbol dating from the late 12th Century. The front door has the letters “FFi.” This indicates ownership of the Citroen by “des Forces françaises de L’Intérieur” (French Forces of the Interior). FFi was the name favored by Charles de Gaulle. Also, the German license plates would be obscured by being daubed with paint.

This diorama is moving right along! The remaining parts include the figures, the road on which they and the car will be displayed, and any background building(s) I decide to construct. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Re-modeling 3.0 – Part 4

  1. Thanks, Dave. The first time I super glued the cooking tower too far forward, which would have made it impossible to put the car body on correctly. Fortunately, I was able to lever it off, without damage. Then I re-glued the tower onto an extension, which sat far enough back for the body to go where it ought!


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