New England Vacation – Part 1

Having been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 we decided to travel somewhere that we’ve always said we wanted to go: Maine! We’d been to Vermont a couple of times, but our journeys to New England had never taken us all the way to The Pine Tree State.

With the ability to enter Canada, let alone to re-enter the U.S., up in the air, our drive to Maine took a skosh longer than if we had gone through Ontario and New York State, and from thence into New England. That wasn’t really a problem, though, as the weather and roads were wonderful.

“Home base” was an AB&B in the state capital of Portland. We were fortunate to find a small, but very nice apartment attached to a home. I admit, it was of a square footage, and had the amenities that I would find acceptable in a tiny home. The first photo shows how the sleeping area-kitchen-dining area was arranged.

The bed, separated from the door by a half wall, was just the right size.

Like the rest of the apartment’s decor, the bathroom had a rustic look, with a lot of reclaimed wood for its walls. It had a sliding barn door, which was a real space-saver, too.

Our interactions with the owner were limited, as our schedule and the family’s didn’t mesh much. We did have one nice conversation with the man whose family lived in the house. During the course of speaking with him, we discovered that his brother resides in our home town! The proverbial small world . . .

There’s a lot more to share regarding our great vacation, so stay tuned!

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