Re-modeling 2.0 – Part 10

I have finished assembling the Volkssturm squad that will populate my second diorama. I enjoyed individualizing the figures, in terms of positioning their arms, selecting the colors of their clothing, and choosing the weapons they would bear. You may recall that, on account of shortages experienced as World War II came to its end, the German authorities had to equip these “volunteers” with whatever came to hand. Thus, Volkssturm carried German weapons from both world wars, along with those captured from the Russians.

As was the case when I worked up my first diorama (refer to blog posts entitled “Re-modeling”), this time around I also didn’t give much thought to placing the figures on the diorama base. It was only after I had completed the barn and truck, and the base’s layout, that I really did so.

This photo displays my initial conceptualization of the figures’ positions, other than that of the shirker who’s already hanging from the barn! My first diorama featured a trio of “vignettes” wherein pairs of soldiers were shown interacting: I intend to follow that example in this diorama, too.

It is possible that I’ll change my mind when it comes to the troops’ final locations. However, that won’t occur until after I have done some more work on the landscape, and have put the vehicle where I want it.

I hope you continue to find my modeling of interest. Please send me any comments or questions you might have regarding my efforts.

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