Re-modeling 2.0 – Part 7

In this post I will tell you about a little of the detailing that I’ve done thus far to my diorama. First, since the scenario is set in late winter of 1944-45, the terrain is soft and muddy. On account of that, I decided to make ruts beside the road, showing the truck tires’ impact on the soft earth. For this effect I built up several layers of dirt ridges, held in place by diluted white glue.

The photo above illustrates the second detail. When the Nazis’ invasion of the Soviet Union bogged down as the worst Russian winter since 1812 closed in, German troops were desperate to find ways to keep their bodies – and their vehicles – operational.

Troops often jury-rigged mats, made of fabric or straw, which were strapped down to retain an engine’s heat. To make mine I glued thin cardboard to a piece of paper. I used a craft knife to cut the cardboard, then I put a thin wash of paint, and powdered graphite on it. Afterward I glued down the holding straps, too.

I hope you continue to find this blog series to be of interest. I’ll be interested in reading your comments or questions!

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