Re-modeling 2.0 – Part 6

Once I’d finished laying the brick pavement of my diorama, it was time to begin landscaping it. The first thing I did was to make up a liquid glue, composed of 1 part white glue; 3 parts water; and several drops of dish washing liquid. I poured the mixture into a bottle that has a spout.

Then I decided on the landscaping materials that I would use, all of which were originally manufactured for decorating HO-scale railroad scenes. The photo above shows my choices: earth-colored blended turf, grass, and gravel. Before putting down the glue I lined the edge of the road with painter’s tape, in order to prevent the landscaping from covering the brickwork.

I spread the glue with my finger, after which I put down each of the materials I’d chosen for the diorama.

I knew from the start that two or even three applications of the landscaping materials would be necessary, as there would inevitably be bald spots here and there. I employed a makeup brush to carefully remove the excess of each material. I collected the excess for use at another time.

Once the ground has been completed, I’ll start adding foliage. I hope you are enjoying my progress on this project, and that you will make any comments you wish regarding it.

3 thoughts on “Re-modeling 2.0 – Part 6

  1. Okay, I’ll bite. White glue and water I understand. What do the drops of dish washing liquid do for you?


    1. The only thing that comes to mind is that the dishwashing liquid breaks down the water’s surface tension, making the mixture do a better job of soaking into the medium upon which it is spread. But then, I’m no scientist . . .


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