Re-modeling 2.0


Faithful readers of this blog will remember the series of posts having to do with my renewed foray into the hobby of plastic modeling. A photo of the completed project is shown below.


Having completed this diorama to my satisfaction, I decided to embark upon a second model, one that is likely to be more complex than its predecessor. The picture at the top of the page displays the items that will go together to create the new diorama.

Stay tuned for notifications of how this project is progressing!

4 thoughts on “Re-modeling 2.0

  1. Looks like a great beginning for a new project.
    Random side note: I always liked the dual-rear axle staff car that Gen. Burkhalter used in Hogan’s Heroes. A Mercedes-Benz G4 according to an internet page “The Cars of Hogan’s Heroes”. Do they make a kit for that? Just curious…
    Looking forward to seeing the in-progress photos of your new project..


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