“Semple’s Muse” – Part 7

The final segment of my short story is now available on “Curated Eccentricities,” my YouTube channel!

Peter Semple leaves to escort Tacy Bronwell after she dines at his home and Ezakai Bossu goes to the aerie. She means to finish the novel, in a way that bends its narrative in a direction that will result in her takeover of Castle Askerton.

Lady Allith confronts Bossu and they assume their true likenesses. The sound of their arguing draws Semple upstairs. The sight of the dragon and armor-clad knight astonish him, and when Ezakai Bossu commands him to end the book, he seizes the laptop and retreats.

With the protagonists of his work in pursuit, Semple takes drastic action to decide the fate of the novel.

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