Recently I recounted how meatless burgers were making their way into the American food chain, specifically Burger King’s Impossible Whopper. I’ve tried the Impossible Whopper a few times now, and I continue to be pleased with it. To me, the appearance, texture and taste of this product match beef patties to a “T.”

Dunkin Donuts have also entered the plant-based burger fray. Last weekend DD held a nationwide promotion for their new Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. It features a Beyond Meat sausage patty, egg and cheese. This posting is about my experience with this product – and, what it took for me to sample one.

Stopping by my local Dunkin Donuts, I expected that obtaining a BSBS would be a straightforward transaction. It was anything but that.

I was the only customer in the place. When I told the person behind the counter that I wanted to give the Beyond Sausage Sandwich a try, it threw her and her colleagues into a tizzy. First she offered to “nuke” me a patty then I said, no, I wanted the whole shebang. She assembled the sandwich, cutting it into bite-size quarters.

The other employees looked on as my BSBS was prepared, making derogatory remarks about it, like, “You couldn’t get me to eat that stuff.” Another woman admitted that she’d tried an Impossible Whopper, but it tasted so bad that she had to spit it out. Hardly the kind of observations that Dunkin Donuts management would want its employees to make in front of a customer.

The Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich arrived at last. All four people behind the counter watched as I ate one, then two quarters of it. It seemed they thought I might collapse to the floor, dead. If their relief was plain when I said the sausage tasted great, they were positively elated when I volunteered to take the rest of the sandwich off their hands.

I meant this post to focus on the BSBS as a tasting experience, not a litmus test for the level of enthusiasm with which one Dunkin Donuts franchise’s staff greeted a new menu item. That being said, I found this sandwich was just as tasty as the pork-derived product that inspired it.

I invite you to try these new plant-derived options, letting me know what you think about them. Thanks!