Re-modeling – Part 4


The base and vehicle for my late World War II diorama “Spezielle Lieferung” (“Special Delivery”) are done! The Reichpost mailbags’ contents are scattered on the ground, along with a few packages. In the background there’s a roadside sign promoting the Deutsche Volksturm. The Volksturm was a last-ditch effort on the part of the Third Reich to make up for battlefield casualties by recruiting and arming old men and underage teenagers that – it was hoped – would prevent the encroaching Soviet Army from entering Germany proper.


Removing the van shows the fence palings and sign frame and uprights, which were constructed from coffeehouse stirring sticks. (I downloaded the Volksturm sign from the Internet.)  As you can see, a portion of the fence was damaged when the van, whose driver was killed, crashed into it: some of the wrecked vehicle’s paint rubbed off on the fence, too.


Gunfire shattered the VW’s windshield, and the bullets’ impact exposed the driver’s seat upholstery’s stuffing. The front bumper was forced upward when it collided with the fence.

Next I’ve got to start working on the G.I.s that will be seen riffling through the Reichpost vehicle’s contents. Stay tuned as I continue what’s been a very enjoyable project.

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