Brave New World? Well, maybe . . .

Nowadays aspiring writers like me are counseled to put up, and contribute frequently to, a personal blog. The hope is “followers” will accumulate, so one can keep in touch with people interested in her/his forthcoming book(s). Hence the creation of Rob’s Big Blog.

Some folks will recall that, in 2010, I self-published my novel The Tower at Petite Vigne. The story concerns life in a remote, German-occupied French village during the Second World War. My years in publishing warned me that the self-publishing route is rarely successful for first time authors, but I took it anyway. The perhaps predictable result was that, once friends and family had purchased The Tower at Petite Vigne, and I had cajoled a few bookstores to stock it, my book went pfffffffft.

Having inherited my Scots grandmother’s stubbornness (see preceding paragraph), I wrote a second book – more about that in future posts – then re-wrote The Tower at Petite Vigne from the ground up. More on that next time.

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